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27 (Bad Signs)


Santa Fe

About Song

Lostboycrow continues to develop as a reputable artist. This song off of his debut album has a killer synth beat and the drums are sick, particularly the cymbal usage. The vocals on the chorus use an echo sound effect that adds an interesting flavor to this pop song.

About Artist

We're proud to expose this Washington state native to our audience. Lostboycrow, AKA Chris Blair, took family vacations to Montana and found a connection to the Crow Indians inspiring his stage name. Now based in L.A., Lostboycrow has a bright future in music. His debut EP, Sigh for Me, arrived in 2016 featuring two killer tracks, "The Lost Boy" and "Powers." MusicSnobb co-founder's Daniel Doutt and Mike Jeffs were able to speak with Lostboycrow in October 2017 in Salt Lake City during his Spin the Globe tour. Not only is he a gifted artist, but his passion for music is incredibly high and genuine. He's also a very humble person and a pleasure to speak with.

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