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This indie-pop DIY sibling duo drops a dope synth beat. The song structure is quite unconventional and the second you think you have it figure it out, it goes down a different road. And the road is beautiful.

About Artist

These siblings, Faith and Mitch Froemming, named their band after their goal to make music, connect with people, and make new future friends. The synth-pop duo is from Minnesota where they grew up playing bluegrass in their family band and travelling throughout the Midwest.

“Even when we played bluegrass, we always defaulted to a more progressive style inspired by bands like Nickel Creek,” said Faith to “We’ve always loved making unique sounding music, but also music that can make people dance. Mitch got really obsessed with beats and rhythm after listening to Matt Kearney’s album Young Love and it avalanched from there.” Their debut EP Secret Handshake released on July 6, 2019.   Source:

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