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Front Porch


Front Porch

About Song

There’s a wonderful redeeming theme to the lyrics suggesting it’s never too late to come home – both physically and figuratively. The acoustic guitar and violin are fantastic, however, both take a backseat to Williams’ angelic vocals.

About Artist

Joy Williams is a singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz, CA who now resides in Nashville, TN.
 She's formerly of the four-time Grammy Award-winning Folk, Country and Americana duo The Civil Wars, Joy recently recorded her forthcoming solo album, Front Porch, produced by Kenneth Pattengale of The Milk Carton Kids. Williams was born in Michigan, and raised in a Christian home in Mount Hermon in Santa Cruz County, California, where both her parents worked in ministry. She was the class valedictorian at Valley Christian High School in San Jose in 2001. Williams began writing faith-based pop songs, along with singing in church, while living in Santa Cruz. She was signed by Reunion Records at age 17. According to USA Today Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, and Portishead are her musical influences.   Sources: USA Today, Spotify

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