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About Song

Raw energy and some rockin’ keys sum up this alternative song. The vocal is all-encompassing, soulful and passionate. This song off of Layup’s latest EP Layup V has it all!

About Artist

Layup is a collaboration duo of singer Chris Henderson, and producer Chad Copelin. The pair met back in the year 2009 when Henderson’s band, Bronze Radio Return, needed a producer to work on their debut album. Over the last eight years, Bronze Radio Return has released four full length albums with Copelin sitting in the producer's chair. A natural chemistry took shape between the two creatives and the pair eventually started working on a new project of their own. Spending weeks at a time at Copelin’s Blackwatch Studios in Norman, Oklahoma Chris and Chad began creating the tunes for the project name, Layup. They've released four EPs over the last two years. Source:

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