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About Song

This 19-year-old from New Zealand is turning lots of ears dropping pop-heavy tracks. The guitar hook is very effective in setting the tone for the entire song. Benee’s vocal is out of this world with a bit of a jazz flare on this song.

About Artist

Stella Bennett, known professionally as Benee, is a 19-year-old New Zealand musician from Auckland. Her 2018 single "Soaked", reached number 14 on the New Zealand singles chart. Benee career began by posting covers to SoundCloud and started creating her own music in her last year of high school. Her music captured the attention of Josh Fountain, a producer and member of the band Leisure. Benee proceeded to work work with Fountain on two singles: "Tough Guy", released in 2017 and "Soaked", released in 2018. Her debut EP, Fire on Marzz, was released on June 28, 2019.   Source:

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