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Go Easy (Andrelli Remix)

About Song

A compelling remix of an amazing song with a sick beat. Andrelli is a Swedish DJ and producer who takes this song into orbit with phenomenal synth beats and sounds effects. The mix doesn’t drown out Maeson’s golden vocals, in fact, it allows the vocals to be heard through a different lens.

About Artist

Matt Maeson is a singer/songwriter from Virginia. His music is indie-pop and alternative crossover style. During his youth, he travelled with his family band performing Christian music at prisons and motorcycle rallies. When Maeson discovered artists like Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley and Nirvana, his songwriting caught fire and began writing songs. All of Maeson's songs come from personal experiences. His debut album Bank on the Funeral was released April 5, 2019 delivering phenomenal tracks such as "Go Easy", "Cringe", and "I Just Don't Care That Much".   Source:

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