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A powerful song that will seep into your bones exploring a subject of trying to help those who need it. The background vocals make this song “hymn-like.” It’s very beautiful. The song is extremely heartfelt and emotional with brilliant lyrics. This Aussie continues to impress us!

About Artist

Harrison Storm is an Australian singer/songwriter with a soulful voice and solid guitar playing. Critics have compared him to artists such as Ben Howard and Matt Corby. Storm was raised in a musical household in Mornington, Victoria. He dropped out of college to focus on music, performing on the streets of Melbourne where he eventually earned enough to finance his debut EP, 2015's Sense of Home. The title track quickly began to feature prominently on streaming playlists leading to Nettwerk C.E.O. and co-founder Terry McBride to contact Storm. A deal was made and the label re-released Sense of Home growing his audience both in Australia and abroad. In 2017, Storm released his first single for the label, "Change It All." &nbsp Source: Spotify

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