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Learn To Let Go

About Song

A fast-paced song full of positive energy that reminds us we can get stuck in our own heads sometimes. Lead singer, Sam Getz, told Substream magazine, “‘Learn To Let Go’ is a reminder to get out of your own head and move on from the past, to open yourself up to the possibilities that might be right in front of you.”

About Artist

Welshly Arms is an American alternative, blues rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.Their name refers to a Saturday Night Live skit. The band formed in 2013 and released their debut EP Welcome the same year. The following year, they released a covers EP and in 2015, an album titled Welshly Arms. In 2018, the band rented an old home in Cleveland to record No Place Like Home. The band writes, produces, and records all of their material in Cleveland. Source: Bass Musician Magazine & Spotify

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