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This song beautiful blends genres and delivers – it’s phenomenal. Bain’s voice and the pop beat work perfectly. The guitar notes during the chorus are fantastic.

About Artist

Originally from Buckinghamshire, England, The Japanese House is the solo project of London-based indie pop singer/songwriter Amber Bain. The name (The Japanese House) was inspired by a childhood trip to Devon, where she stayed at a house owned by actress Kate Winslet, which called the Japanese House and Bain's memories of her experiences there influenced the androgynous presentation of her music. She signed with U.K. indie Dirty Hit Records, in 2015 and released two EPs. Pools to Bathe In followed a few months later by Clean. A new single, "Face Like Thunder," was released in 2016 and featured on her EP, Swim Against the Tide. In 2017, Bain issued the pop single, "Saw You in a Dream," which was later included on an EP of the same title. In September of 2018, Bain releases "Lilo," the first single from the her forthcoming full-length debut album Good At Falling set to release on March 1, 2019. Source:

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