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Love Won’t Let Me Leave



About Song

This is the second song off of this duo’s upcoming album we’re featured, and it’s astonishing. The lyrics are incredibly poetic. The drums during the verses deliver a dope beat. The song has an extraordinary ability to stir emotion by the verse to chorus transition.

About Artist

This U.K. duo formed back in 2011. Jack Sedman and Harry Draper met serendipitously at an open mic night close to their hometown of Bridlington. Each was impressed with the other's performance, and they decided to work together as musicians. The band's name refers to both the mist that rolls in from the North Sea as well as a pun on a guitar fretboard. Seafret released their debut single, "Atlantis" in May 2015 and in January 2016, they released their debut studio album, Tell Me It's Real. Their latest album Most of Us Are Strangers will be released March 13, 2020.  

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