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My People

About Song

A fun, chill song by two underrated singer-songwriters and guitarists. The upbeat melody is warm and fulfilling. It has an extremely free-spirited vibe that celebrates a love of people in a country, city or community. The apex of the song is when Loops and Hersey sing together.

About Artist

Reigning from Cape Twon, Jeremy Loops is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer. Loops didn't start playing guitar during his final years of college. After graduating from UCT in 2008, he spent two years traveling the world while working on a superyacht. He worked on his music adopted a loop pedal to make up for not playing with other musicians while at sea. James Hersey is an Austrian-American pop singer and songwriter from Vienna. Hersey learned percussion and cello in his youth prior to focusing on guitar. He released his debut EP in 2010 and signed with Glassnote Records in 2012.

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