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Nearer My God



About Song

The vocal on this song is in a range few artists dare to touch. The guitar accompanies the high-pitch vocal by going even higher during most of the track. The lead guitar almost plays the backup vocalist role. It’s remarkable!

About Artist

Foxing is an American indie rock band formed in 2011 from St. Louis, Missouri. Foxing released their debut album, The Albatross, in November 2013 and they signed to Triple Crown Records in 2014. The band's second album, Dealer, was released in 2015. Foxing's third studio album Nearer My God released August 10, 2018.

Current band member:

  • Conor Murphy – Vocals, trumpet, sampler
  • Ricky Sampson – Guitar, sampler
  • Jon Hellwig – Drums, sampler
  • Eric Hudson – Guitar, vocals
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