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Only Just Begun



About Song

You’ll hear heavy 1990s alternative influences on this track such as The Cure with some 1980s rock beats. This song should be blasting on alternative radio stations from coast to coast. The song is so authoritative in that it demands listeners’ full attention. It’s very hard to ignore how good it is – especially the vocals.

About Artist

Originally formed in Provo, UT, now based in Los Angeles, The Moth & the Flame is Brandon Robbins (vocals, guitar), Mark Garbett (keyboards/vocals), Andrew Tolman (drums), and Michael Goldman (bass). In 2014, the band signed with Elektra Records. The bands first album Young & Unafraid was release in 2016. Their second album, Ruthless, will be released on February 1, 2019. The new album exposes some Robbins experiences with anxiety and depression.

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