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San Francisco (feat. Maxwell Young)



About Song

This New Zealand duo drops a huge cross-genre hit referencing one of the best cities in the world, San Francisco. You’ll hear some 1990s alternative, reggae, pop and R&B on this song from the group’s debut EP, Intros & Outros. It’s a very colorful song that will keep you listens on their toes. The bridge has a phenomenal synth and guitar melodies showcasing interesting neon “colors.”

About Artist

Giorgio Scott and Oscar Kennedy comprise CLAYE – the "alternative R&B/Pop" duo from New Zealand. The two met while attending University of Wellington in 2016 and started having late-night music sessions that would sometimes last all night. Claye's debut single "Autodrive" garnered over 250K plays, the #1 spot on Spotify's highly esteemed Fresh Finds global playlist, #8 on the US Viral charts, and #11 on the Canadian Viral Charts in just months.   Source:

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