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Shadows (Tep No Remix)

About Song

The remix version increases the tempo adding a new dimension to an amazing song. The electronic beats and electric guitar hook are so fluid. The originality of this song has no end. There are very few songs out there that sound quite like this. Many MusicSnobbers would have loved to be a fly on the wall as this song was written and produced.

About Artist

Marshall (full name: Ryan Marshall) is from Toronto, Canada, but now based in L.A. He's a member of the pop band Walk off the Earth and decided to do a solo album. Marshall released his debut solo album Layers in June 2019. Per Marshall's website, “This album, the idea of layers, breaks down the pieces of who I am as a human, husband, father, artist,” he continues. “I wanted the songs to work together but not sound like they necessarily belonged together.”

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