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Show Me Don’t Tell Me


Rally Cry



About Song

Wow, what a song! It contains an amazing guitar performance that seems to play in between the notes. The vocals are fantastic and the lyrics are solid. Arkells deserve a much bigger audience.

About Artist

This five member band formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 2006. They have released five albums and two EPs. Their most recent album Rally Cry was released on October 19, 2108. All five band members attended McMaster University. The name of the band comes from a street where they all live during college. Arkells have been nominated for several Juno Awards and performed live in 2017. Arkell band members are:

    • Max Kerman – vocals, guitar
    • Mike DeAngelis – vocals, guitar
    • Nick Dika – bass
    • Tim Oxford – drums, percussion
    • Anthony Carone – vocals, keyboard, guitar
Source: Wikipedia

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