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Since the Day I Was Born

About Song

A fantastic fusion of pop, R&B and electronic with a passionate vocal. It’s very smooth and has a thoughtful lyric.

About Artist

We're proud to expose this Washington state native to our audience. Lostboycrow, AKA Chris Blair, took family vacations to Montana and found a connection to the Crow Indians inspiring his stage name. Now based in L.A., Lostboycrow has a bright future in music. His debut EP, Sigh for Me, arrived in 2016 featuring two killer tracks, "The Lost Boy" and "Powers." MusicSnobb co-founder's Daniel Doutt and Mike Jeffs were able to speak with Lostboycrow in October 2017 in Salt Lake City during his Spin the Globe tour. Not only is he a gifted artist, but his passion for music is incredibly high and genuine. He's also a very humble person and a pleasure to speak with.

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