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Steve’s First Bruise

About Song

American Idol made a big mistake letting him go after he got a ticket to Hollywood. The youngster from Knoxville, TN shows tremendous promise on this track off of his latest single Miracle. There’s an undeniable rawness about this song that’s very appealing. The vocal effects are incredibly timely and the fast-pace guitar freaking rocks.

About Artist

Briston Maroney is an indie rock singer/songwriter and guitarist from Knoxville, Tennessee. The youngster is signed to Canvasback Music and Atlantic Records. He's released two EPs and most recently the single Miracle was released October 25, 2019. At just 15-years-old Maroney auditioned for the 13 season of American Idol. He advanced to Hollywood and became a semi-finalist, but didn't advance beyond that point. Source:

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