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Still Don’t Know My Name

About Song

Powerful. Bold. And an incredibly soulful chorus. The vocal performance is unreal as it draws listens in close so you feel every syllable. The synth sounds portray a yearning dispair picture that’s very powerful.

About Artist

Timothy Lee McKenzie was born January 4, 1989. His stage name is Labrinth. He's an English musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. He began in the music industry as a producer, but Simon Cowell signed him to his record label Syco Music as a solo act. Making Labrinth Cowell's first non-talent-show signing in six years. His debut album Electronic Earth released on 31 March 2012 having been preceded by the singles "Earthquake" and "Last Time." Labrinth was born and raised in Hackney, London coming from a strong musical family. He's one of nine siblings and grew up at home surrounded almost exclusively by the sound of American gospel music. He and his eight siblings formed a band called Mac 9 when he was young.   Source:

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