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Still the Same (feat. Boy in Space)

About Song

A bright spark is created on this collaboration. Two amazing artists – one amazing song. This electronic-pop song really comes to life with the vocals – particularly when the two artists sing together. The bridge has a beautiful guitar melody and beautiful vocals that crescendos nicely.

About Artist

Sara Hjellström, known professionally as Shy Martin is from Lerdala, Sweden. She began writing songs and poetry in her youth. After winning a music contest at her school at age 17, SHY signed with EMI for a period, but decided to go independent. She studied at the songwriting school Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik eventually moving to Stockholm and signed to the independent label BLNK Music. SHY Martin established herself as a songwriter by co-writing and featured vocal on Mike Perry’s "The Ocean (ft. SHY Martin)."   Sources: SIDEWALK TALK EDM

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