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Till We’re in the Sea



About Song

A masterpiece from a duo who met at USC. The piano melody is mesmerizing and the lyrics are extremely deep, thought-provoking and poetic.

About Artist

Riley Knapp and Casey Barth’s lives became forever intertwined during their music studies at University of Southern California. During a masterclass given by hip-hop performer and producer Young Guru that they were able to see inside each other’s work. Inspired by a trip to London and reading words by legendary author Alan Watts bandmates Riley Knapp and Casey Barth started creating music. “It was like this big veil had been lifted, and we both felt the energy,” says Barth. “Watts’ book really opened up a lot, philosophically and emotionally, that we wanted to explore in the music.”

Their subsequent first creative session together gave birth to a song called “Comatose,” a cut off their 2015 debut EP, Short Films.

Source: Spotify

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