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Times Won’t Change Me

About Song

The piano is the driver of this outstanding song. During the chorus, it’s fairly light-hearted but also has a driving force in a lower tone at times. The drums are used brilliantly to accompany the piano. Kieran Shudall vocals aren’t mentioned last here, but they definitely aren’t least. They are worthy of a packed stadium.

About Artist

Circa Waves formed in 2013 in Liverpool, England. There are an indie rock band comprised of Kieran Shudall as vocalist and guitarist, Joe Falconer as lead guitarist, Sam Rourke as the bassist, and Colin Jones as the drummer. The band released their debut single "Get Away/Good For Me" in December 2013. They've subsequently released three albums: Young Chasers (2015) Different Creatures (2017) What It's Like Over There? (2019)   Sources:,

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