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Too Proud



About Song

Yes, the beat is sick and the lyrics are solid, but what you’ll remember about this song is how well the duo’s voices gel. Perhaps it’s because they’re brother and sister. Our favorite part of the song is the last 45-seconds when Georgia Nott’s voice goes into a beautiful high range complementing Caleb’s voice.

About Artist

Broods is a brother-sister duo from Nelson, New Zealand, composed of Georgia Josiena Nott on lead vocals and her older brother and multi-instrumentalist Caleb Nott. They grew up in a musical family with three other siblings and would perform with their parents at weddings and churches. They won the talent competition, "Richmond's Got Talent", as teenagers at a Mall in 2010. Both Georgia and Caleb were members of The Peasant, an indie rock band. The band decided to split up in 2012 shortly after winning a grant from NZ On Air after which Georgia and Caleb began studying at the University of Auckland. They both dropped out of university to pursue Broods. Their single "Bridges" reached number 8 on the New Zealand single chart in 2014, which lead to them signing with Capitol and Polydor Records. Broods released their third album Don't Feed the Pop Monster in February 2019.   Sources:,

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