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About Song

Indie, alternative, pop, this song has it all. The lead singer’s vocals is what really makes this song great –not just good.

MusicSnobb asked lead singer, Sarah McTaggart, what the inspiration was behind “Undo,” she responded by saying, “Music had always been a lifeline for me, and suddenly it felt like a desolate place that I couldn’t survive in. So, when I was alone, I sat down at the piano, and went back to just writing how I felt. Undo was an open letter to anyone who was trying to pick me apart.”

About Artist

This four member group met online and now reside in L.A. All four band members came from small towns. Sarah (lead vocalist) met Mikepan on a musician networking site. Mikepan brought his high school friends Judah and Jon to play guitar and drums to complete the band. Source:

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