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Here’s what you get when an electronic/dance music duo collaborate with an unbelievable vocalist. The electronic beats are stellar. The layers are beautiful and the mix is world-class. But that’s only half the story. No, that’s not Rihanna singing. It’s the powerful vocals of young American, Daya.

About Artist

NOTD (pronounced "noted") is an electronic/dance music production duo from Sweden comprised of Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt. They are known for their songs "I Wanna Know" featuring Bea Miller and "So Close" with Felix Jaehn featuring Captain Cuts and Georgia Ku. The duo met serendipitously on Soundcloud and began creating remixes together before and quickly found out they would be attending the same high school. The duo combines the last two letters of each of their last names and reversing them and came up with NOTD. Grace Martine Tandon was born October 24, 1998 in Pennsylvania. The singer/songwriter is known professionally as Daya. She released her self-titled debut extended play (EP), Daya, on September 4, 2015, which includes the song "Hide Away", which has peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. She released her debut studio album Sit Still, Look Pretty on October 7, 2016.

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