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Where I’ve Never Been



About Song

There’s no beating around the bush on this track. It grabs listeners immediately with heavy guitar riffs and synthesizer. The lyrics are catchy and the bridge is dope.

About Artist

Layup is a collaboration duo of singer Chris Henderson, and producer Chad Copelin. The pair met back in the year 2009 when Henderson’s band, Bronze Radio Return, needed a producer to work on their debut album. Over the last eight years, Bronze Radio Return has released four full length albums with Copelin sitting in the producer's chair. A natural chemistry took shape between the two creatives and the pair eventually started working on a new project of their own. Spending weeks at a time at Copelin’s Blackwatch Studios in Norman, Oklahoma Chris and Chad began creating the tunes for the project name, Layup. They've released four EPs over the last two years. Source:

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